Justin Hancharuk

Servant fièrement : Safeway #8879 Manning Crossing, Edmonton, AB

Poste : Courtesy Clerk

Valeur fondamentale : Always Place the Customer First

Justin shows patience and goes above and beyond when he helps his customers. Justin always helps cashiers bag groceries, collects carts, fills baskets, wraps flowers, and helps customers out the door with their purchases. Justin demonstrated his commitment to his job and his values when he helped a gentleman in a wheelchair with his shopping. Justin took the man’s grocery list and took him around the store, helping to find everything on the man’s list. Justin even helped to bag the groceries, ensured they were secured to the wheelchair and escorted the man out the door to make sure nothing fell off. Justin’s manager says that if he could, he would have 10 Justins in his store as this young man is amazing at his job and never stops placing the customer first.