Lincoln Lee

Proudly Serving: Mississauga Office, ON

Position: Pharmacy District Manager

Core Value: People-Powered

The relationship between pharmacists and patients leaves a lasting impression — even after the pharmacist has moved on from the pharmacy.

One former customer kept a business card from Lincoln Lee, and she called for help with a problem. He not only helped her resolve her issue, but also had her prescription filled and dropped it off at her home.

Having worked in pharmacies since he was in high school, Lincoln understands that the front line teams at the 20 stores in his region are the best ambassadors of the Sobeys brand.

“Pharmacists generally are viewed, in a lot of surveys, as one of the most trusted professions,” said Lincoln. “We’re accessible and have time to speak to our patients and customers…it’s important that our pharmacists are well-equipped to handle questions and situations.”

As a manager, Lincoln says supporting and empowering teams is important.

“If I can make it easier for them to do the best job that they can and make sure our customers are satisfied, then I’m going to certainly do that,” he said.