Victoria Pigott

Proudly Serving: Serving: Calgary Office, AB

Position: Learning Specialist

Core Value: Results-Oriented

Giving Sobeys employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills is a key part of the Nourish U Management Training Program at Sobeys.

Now in its second cohort, Vicki was one of a few key employees who launched the program in 2018, working long days and weekends to ensure its success.

“To me it’s less about the program being successful… it’s about the people at the other end, that they can build the knowledge and skills to be successful and feel confident in their role,” said Vicki.

Vicki credits her parents, who emigrated to Canada from Hungary in the 1950s not yet knowing English or French, as the biggest influence in her life. Their story of overcoming barriers guides her work as she helps others learn, and it also helps her embody the Sobeys company purpose of We are a family nurturing families.

“What inspires me from my parents’ story is that no matter how steep a challenge may seem, with the right attitude, hard work, and determination, success can be achieved,” she said.