Shaun Dillon

Proudly Serving: Sobeys #340, St. John’s, NL

Position: Cashier Supervisor

Core Value: Customer-Driven

With patience and kindness, Shaun Dillon saved the day for an elderly customer, and earned a garden tour for his efforts.

Noticing a delay in the express lane, he brought the lady to a quiet register so she wouldn’t be rushed finding her money in her purse. He also helped her carry the groceries home across the road after he spotted her outside struggling with her bags.

“While I was there, she told me her entire life story: about all her kids, where she’s lived, and about her husband who had passed away, and her flowers. And it was an awesome experience,” said Shaun.

“I think it was just the way I was brought up,” he said. “I was always taught to treat people with kindness and sometimes that can sound a little cheesy, but it shouldn’t. It should be an easy thing to treat people with respect.”

Sobeys is Shaun’s first job; he has been working at the store for six years as he completes a degree in sociology and communications.