Robert Murphy

Proudly Serving: Sobeys Edmonton Office, AB

Position: IMAC Coordinator

Core Value: Always Place the Customer First

Rob always places the customer first, but he also gives a high priority to serving Sobeys. During the recent new store opening in Saskatoon, Rob was always available to help, even outside of reasonable working hours. He found solutions to many problems and when necessary, he had the contact information for people the store needed. Even though he worked remotely on the morning of the grand opening, he was in constant communication. Rob placed the store first and showed great leadership. “He was a pleasure to work with and assisted whenever we needed him!” said a colleague who recommended him for a Value Champion award. Some of Rob’s proudest moments have been when Sobeys gives back to the community, such as during the Fort McMurray wildfires and the tragic bus accident in Humboldt, Sask. “My Sobeys is constantly evolving and finding better ways to serve our customers and give back to our communities,” says Rob.