Lawrence Limoges

Proudly Serving: Serving: IGA #8357, Farnham, QC

Position: Store Manager

Core Value: Community-Engaged

Lawrence Limoges takes pride in his ability to give back to his community.

“For me, it’s important to bring the Sobeys experience to the community and then to my work team,” said Lawrence.

“Over the past year, Lawrence has worked hard to make a difference within the community, even while managing the COVID-19 crisis,” read his nomination letter.

Supporting local food producers by adding their products to the store shelves, he also developed partnerships with organizations in need, including skating and hockey clubs, a seniors’ centre, Chevaliers de Colomb, and local schools.

“Sobeys is like a family,” said Lawrence. “As a family guy myself, it means a lot. It’s working closely with your team to pursue these values, and when you set an example for your team, it’s the customers who benefit and feel welcome in your store.”

“The recognition and appreciation that I am given in my work makes me proud to be part of this great big family,” said Lawrence. “My Sobeys is commitment, solidarity, family and dedication.”