Jane Mashford

Proudly Serving: Sobeys #915, Niagara Falls, ON

Position: Seafood Operator

Core Value: Get It Done with Passion and Integrity

Jane comes to work each day ready to serve. She routinely comes out from behind the ice case to talk to customers, offering information on seafood and cooking instructions. And sometimes it’s simply to say hello or help people find an item in the store. “I always place the customer first,” she says. “I like people and enjoy interacting with them. I have met all kinds of interesting people from all walks of life.” Being named Seafood Operator in the Niagara Falls store is one of Jane’s proudest moments in her career, and it shows. Not only does she create a pleasant shopping experience for shoppers, her positive performance is reflected in the sales numbers, which have increased in her department and in the store overall. “Be kind to people, be honest and always do your best in whatever you do,” she says.