Dominique Lapierre

Proudly Serving: Sobeys RSC #0055 Terrebonne, QC

Position: Credit/Return Coordinator CA

Core Value: Stay Real

In one of his final journal entries, a famous American hiker named Christopher McCandless wrote that “happiness is only real when shared.” This is Dominique Lapierre’s motto, which she takes to heart in everything she does. Since joining the Sobeys team more than three years ago, Dominique has really connected with her colleagues. From her warm, dynamic, and fun personality to her dedication to her work, she has proven time and again that her word is her bond. She leads by example, is always eager to learn, and is forthright yet diplomatic by nature. Straightforward and personable, Dominique is the embodiment of what it means to truly be yourself — and to share your joy in what you do with those around you. “Dominique is an authentic, motivating and sincere person and to work with her every day is a great pleasure!”