Corinna Ivey

Proudly Serving: Proudly Serving: Safeway #4968, Chilliwack, BC

Position: Store Manager

Core Value: Community-Engaged

Corinna Ivey credits her late mother as the biggest influence in her life.

“My mom was an extremely hard worker, and if anybody in the neighbourhood needed anything she was the first person to bring food, give the shirt off her back, anything she could do to help,” said Corinna.

Following in her footsteps, Corinna was quick to help a fellow Sobeys employee whose son went missing. She put up posters, prepared food for search parties, and offered a compassionate shoulder to cry on.

“I just think it’s something you do no matter what, so I was a little shocked to see that I was nominated (for the award),” said Corinna.

As a store manager, Corinna says that Sobeys is “more about the employees and the customers, it’s not just a business,” and works to make sure that her employees and customers feel safe.

“Even from store to store, if somebody needs something all the store managers jump in and help out … it’s a family.”