Alice Warner

Proudly Serving: Safeway #4917, New Westminster, BC

Position: Store Manager

Core Value: Customer-Driven

Alice Warner worked her way up from deli clerk to store manager, and she is dedicated to giving others the opportunity to excel. Known for her strong team leadership, customer loyalty and commitment to her community, Alice was recently named a 2020 Star Women Awards recipient by Canadian Grocer. In 2020, she added the “National Value Champion” title to her long list of achievements! Passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, Alice is a committed advocate of leadership opportunities for women in store operations. She has committed countless hours in helping establish Sobeys’ Women’s Inclusion Network in B.C. and takes an active role mentoring and developing women within store operations.

“When women succeed it gives them confidence and the opportunity to move ahead and to make our company grow and shine,” said Alice.

“I like to encourage both men and women to step into leadership roles regardless of what their status is in their personal life — that we can always figure out, but I like to see people succeed.”

Alice’s can-do attitude was learned at a young age when her newly widowed mother Esther, now 82, moved her five children from northern B.C. to Vancouver, returned to school, and then started a successful career.

“She led by example, teaching us that you can do whatever you want in your life,” said Alice.

“It’s important that we go after what makes our hearts happy and what we can excel in.”

Alice brings the same passion and commitment to her community every day and is known for her ability to develop instant connections, while frequently raising money and awareness for various charitable groups. Alice’s high level of execution on store standards, passion for her store, staff, and customers make her a true Value Champion.