Sobeys Value Champions

Kathy MacNaughton

Kathy MacNaughton

Cyl Bagadiong

Kim Planinsic

Maxime Bourget

Stephen Whitman

Simon Rainville (2018)

As a manager, Simon knows how to make people feel unique, special, and valued. Now the recipient of four Value Champion awards, his sense of humour makes his leadership effective, and gives everyone on his team a boost of energy. “I am fortunate to be able to bring fun into the workplace, being a positive leader and managing things with humour and joy.” He jokes that he is “proud to have survived all this time, despite all the tricks he has played on his co-workers.” The good relations he has maintained with people over the years and across the various departments where he has worked are a source of pride. “My Sobeys is a big part of my life, it is a place where I feel at home. It is a family I want to grow with, and it’s where I want to finish my career.”

Jim Wyatt

Joanne Yeomans

Tom Young

Kelly Young